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Things to do around The Cohesion Fibonacci in Amsterdam

To introduce you to the area around The Cohesion Fibonacci, we would like to introduce you to the following hotspots.

Restaurant Kop van Oost +/- 10 min by foot

At the Kop van Oost, they stand for delicious enjoyment in a casual atmosphere! They have a menu of mostly classics from southern Europe. They also have options for groups to have well-catered lunches and dinners.

Jaap Eden ice rink +/- 12 min. by bike

Just over 10 minutes by bike from The Cohesion Fibonacci is the Jaap Eden ice rink, which is open to the public from 21 October. The Jaap Eden ice rink includes a covered indoor rink and an uncovered 400-meter outdoor rink with a crabbing rink and buildings in which two catering establishments, a skate rental business, a sports instruction business, a skate shop, and a fitness facility are operated. Prices for skate rental start from €6,-.

Artis +/- 20 min by foot

Artis Amsterdam is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. At the zoo, located in Amsterdam East, you can unwind after visiting the busy city centre or numerous museums. Artis is a smaller and more compact zoo, which makes the atmosphere intimate. Founded in 1838, the zoo is close to the city centre, making the expansion of Artis impossible. Artis Amsterdam is the place to go for a romantic date or for family occasions. Artis Zoo has 750 different species of animals and 300 species of trees and plants. You view the animals at Artis Amsterdam in the monumental 19th-century buildings. The gardens inside the Artis are also very beautiful, especially in spring and summer when blossom grow.

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