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Welcome to

The Fibonacci Community

Fibonacci will be managed by: The Cohesion coliving

Living in Fibonacci equals urban living; a combination of city living, with a 'green touch'. Also characteristic is togetherness. The city is for everyone. The city consists of various neighborhoods with different people, but still forms one whole. Just like in Fibonacci. A VIVID AND UNITED LIVING COMMUNITY The location, facilities and layout of Fibonacci encourage connectedness and should lead to a lively and united residential community

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There will be a cowork area on the 5th floor of The Cohesion Fibonacci. In this space you can gather all year round to meet. It is also a place where you can grab a coffee during the day and sit down to work. The cowork is exclusively accessible to members of The Cohesion Fibonacci.

With us, no one is alone for long – you soon become part of the active and international The Cohesion family. Interaction with others and a sense of community are the backbone of our philosophy

Roof gardens

On the 5th and 9th floors, a roof garden will be realised. These roof gardens will be a mix of green, relaxing and, above all, meeting each other. From summer evening jam sessions to winter Christmas drinks. Everyone at Fibonacci should feel welcome.

Laundry room

On the ground floor in floor The Cohesion Fibonacci, there will be a laundry room. In this room you can do your laundry by using the Miele Wash App, also a vending machine will be placed here and you can provide yourself with fresh coffee.

Combining efficiency and convenience with community, friendship, entertainment and work, the concept of "home" is turned upside down and completely reimagined at The cohesion


There will be a gym on the ground floor of The Cohesion Fibonacci, which will be equipped with the new Technogym fitness equipment. The gym is exclusively accessible to The Cohesion Fibonacci community.

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The Cohesion coliving also stands for vibrant and united residential communities. Fibonacci is the perfect addition to The Cohesion's current portfolio in Amsterdam. Living at The Cohesion always means coming home to like-minded people. Nothing is a must, everything is allowed, but the community and the community managers are always there for you. to find out more about The Cohesion, go to


Community manager

A Community Manager is always present at The Cohesion Fibonacci. Just like the residents, these are young people who are fully alive. The team of community managers ensures that you are provided with the tools you need to find your way in the building and in the neighbourhood. In addition, the community manager helps to program activities with you as a resident.  

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