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Hotspot: Brewery IJ

Hotspot of Fibonacci: Beer from brewery 't IJ. For a number of years now, not only available in Amsterdam, but also far beyond. There is a good chance that you have encountered it in the supermarket or in the pub.

Since 1985, the brewery has been located in the old municipal bath house of Funen. A bathhouse itself needs a good system to supply and drain water, which is why it was also suitable for a brewery. The tasting room and terrace are also located near the bathhouse.Behind the bathhouse is the Molen Gooyer. This is not part of the brewery, but is seen by many people as a recognition.For example, the mill will be visible in front of the higher-lying homes near Fibonacci on the railway side of the building.


Proeflokaal de Molen is open on King's Day, so do you love special beer, do you want to catch a glimpse of Fibonacci and do you fancy a party? Then Proeflokaal is the right place for you.

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