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Coliving concept:

The house of "The Cohesion" is built for those who are willing to co-live with like-minded people.
We believe in a strong coliving community with a great sense of sustainability, social interaction, well-being, and ambition

No one is alone for long with us – you quickly become part of the active and international The Cohesion family. Interaction with others and a sense of community form the backbone of our philosophy.

We have 4 drivers to get the best out of our communities.


social interaction



We have the opportunity to build communities in civilized cities. We also take the opportunity to add value to the UN SDG’s with our community. To be an example of SDG 11. But also on different focus areas.

Building a block of society, creating rules, systems and activities within the way you want to live through digital and real-live communication. It all starts with social interaction. 

Our overall idea of well-being is to create awareness on mental health and the initiatives to avoid mental illness. With our programming, partners and community platforms we want to reach out to everyone. 


The willingness to face challenges and goals in life. To achieve your goals and be the best of you! The Cohesion is providing the atmosphere in where you can fulfill your ambition.

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