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What is a Fibonacci?

Fibonacci is being built on the corner of Panamalaan and Zeeburgerdijk in Amsterdam East. A residential building with communal facilities for 194 young people. But what exactly is Fibonacci?

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician. His real name was Leonardo of Pisa. The word Fibonacci refers to a series that he published in his book “Lber Abaci” around the year 1202. This series looks like this: 0,0.1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21..etc The series shows a growth pattern that also occurs in nature.Namely, each number is created by adding the previous two together.

Just look: 3+5 = 8 and 8+13 = 21.

If you draw these numbers in boxes: so number 1 as a square of 1:1 cm, number 2 as a square of 2:2, etc., you get a pattern.If you connect the vertices of all these squares together, you get a smooth shape that occurs a lot in nature;like the galaxy, a snail shell you name it.

Can you already discover the Fibonacci sequence on the residential building?

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