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The best parks around the corner

If you are going to live at The Cohesion Fibonacci, you are guaranteed a large park just 5 minutes by bike. So whether you take a weekly running route or are looking for a BBQ spot with friends in the summer. The Cohesion Fibonacci has it right around the corner.


For more than 100 years, the Oosterpark has been a place for residents and visitors of Amsterdam East to relax, play sports and meet each other.

What is there to do

There are wide paths for walking in the Oosterpark. You can also exercise sports there. There is a tennis court and a sports field with artificial grass. Around the pond are many beautiful places to sit and have a picnic. There is also a skate park. There are often fun events and festivals in the Oosterpark. There are small performances in the music dome in the spring and summer.



The Flevopark is located on the edge of the Indische Buurt, between the Jewish Cemetery and the water of the Nieuwe Diep. The park has a nice view over the water.

What is there to do

In the Flevopark there are playgrounds, tennis courts, water sports, a swimming pool and routes for running. There are large lawns where you can sit. There is also a grassy area to play football. There is now a café in a former pumping station from 1880. Throughout the year there are activities and events in the park.Source:

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