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Fibonacci has a clearly composed, stepped design with an ascending height of approximately 60 m. Seen from above, it is reminiscent of 'the Fibonacci sequence' of the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. The series appears to have interesting properties and connections. These interesting properties and connections are reflected in the design. Due to the specific construction of the building and the use of the plot, it fits well on all sides with the various heights and infrastructural lines in the area.


On the south and west sides of the plot, the building has the height of the Funen and the buildings on the Zeeburgerpad. In an easterly and northeasterly direction, the mass is part of the warehouse size with the series of higher accents towards the IJ. Due to its scale and position on the rail corridor, the building is also oriented towards the Rietland Park. The development of the 'Rietlanden' neighborhood has a clear orientation towards the traffic junction. The volume of the Fibonacci building orients itself in a similar way towards the Rietland Park: it presents itself on the north side with a recognizable high and narrow facade.

Diederendirrix Architecture & Urbanism
the Cohesion Fibonacci coliving



At plinth level, the structure of the volume connects to the street-bound plinths in the Funen and the buildings at the Zeeburgerpad/Panamalaan intersection. This approach leads to a smaller-scale structure on the south and west sides of the plot, and a larger-volume structure on the north and east sides. The design uses the vast majority of the plot as building surface. This results in a large contact area between the public routes and the plinth of the building: the street profile of the Cruquiuskade continues all the way to Panamalaan. The entrances are therefore on the street side, which increases the feeling of public safety on the bicycle route between Cruquius and the city center.

REFINEMENT IN A ROBUST ENVIRONMENT The sturdy main form of Fibonacci's design also fits in well with the robust architecture on Panamalaan/ Piet Heinkade and the wall building of the Funenpark. Outdoor spaces and the entrance areas are designed within this main form; in the form of loggias and entrances. Together with the facade design and the use of materials, they turn this robust urban design into a refined residential building. In addition, due to the open design of the plinth floor(s), the building has contact with the surrounding streets and the bicycle and pedestrian zones.

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